Accounting Services for Small Businesses and Individuals

Tax Compliance and Planning

  • Individual income tax preparation
  • Corporate/Partnership/LLC income tax preparation
  • Year end tax planning with an emphasis on managing cash flow
  • Consultation on significant transactions/opportunities
  • Coordinate with the owner’s personal tax situation

Part Time Controller Support

We understand that some companies may not need a full time controller to operate effectively, but want the comfort of knowing that the internal records are maintained in a reliable and consistent manner.

Utilizing Lehman & Company as your part time controller enhances your abiltiy to make timely and informed decisions.  Reliable and timely information will be valued by your management, lenders and owners.  With our diverse clientle, your organization will benefit from the wide variety challenges we have faced and the solutions our staff has successfully implemented.  We work with an extensive network of professionals (legal, financial services, human resources, etc). We take a special interest in developing your existing staff to prepare them for increased responsibility as your organization grows.


QuickBooks Pro Advisor logoDonna Lehman is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor. We assist our clients in setting up QuickBooks for their accounting and in developing their QuickBooks proficiency. We provide on-going QuickBooks support on-site, on the phone or online. Good accounting records are key to timely, efficient tax administration. Timely and accurate financial reporting is valued by management, owners, banks, and other interested outside parties.

Small Business Support

Lehman & Company specializes in assisting small businesses to adopt the proper corporate structure to minimize tax burden and maximize profit. We will discuss business entity alternatives to help you choose the best alternative for your business and assist you in setting up that type of entity.

Lehman & Company will also assist in the coordination of your financial affairs with other parties including attorneys, bankers, insurance agents and investment managers.

Farm Expertise

Donna has over thirty years of farm tax and accounting experience. She grew up on a family farm which provided her initial base of terminology as well as the fundamental economics of managing a farm.

Donna can support the following farm accounting needs:

  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Familiarity of tax laws impacting farm families
  • Assistance with depreciation records and personal property tax reporting
  • Transition of farm records to Quickbooks
  • Assistance with on going accounting

Estate Planning

  • We meet with the family to understand their unique situation and offer alternatives for the best estate plan.
  • We help set reasonable expectations as to what can be accomplished with your estate plan
  • We customize the plan to best satisfy wishes of family within limitations of facts and circumstances
  • We offer independent advice in an area where there are many competing priorities:
    • Family members/other beneficiaries
    • Insurance/investment advisors
  • Communication of the final plan to family

Estate Administration

  • Meet with the family to develop a plan on handling the estate administration
  • Input on dividing responsibilities among our firm, legal counsel and family members in an effort to minimize the cost of administration
  • Develop a timeline so the client has a proper expectation of the timing involved in the administration of an estate

Our goal is to handle the process in such a way that the family members and other beneficiaries will still want to gather as a family at the completion of the process.

Retirement Planning and Funding

  • Develop understanding of resources available
  • Educate clients on multiple factors impacting retirement decisions
  • Help determine funding targets
  • Develop a strategy for saving coupled with anticipated years remaining in the work force
  • Update analysis at regular intervals as agreed upon with clients

College Planning and Funding

  • Develop understanding of resources available
  • Discuss percentage of overall cost to be funded
  • Discuss anticipated college choices
  • Help determine funding targets
  • Educate clients on the benefits of funding Section 529 plans
  • Educate Indiana clients on the tax credits available from funding Indiana 529 College Choice plan